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GSoC weekly report of Vishal Gupta for week 12

You can find the detailed report here : https://salsa.debian.org/comfortablydumb-guest/Hello-from-the-Debian-side/blob/master/GSoC/Journal.md#week-12

Here's a summary of what I did in Week 12
- vcard parsing, to extract, display and send contact to Android phone
- Connected GUI buttons to added features to add number in Dialer as contact, add numbers in a file as contact, to send number in Dialer to dial on Phone and to parse phone numbers in a File
- Published debdialer on Pypi
- Made a few changes to Desktop File
- Created a no-gui option that uses dmenu for input and terminal for output. Ideal for people who do not want to use or install Qt
- Created a debdialer.conf file that stores default country and sip client commands.
- Updated the installation instructions. Here's a single command

curl -L https://salsa.debian.org/comfortablydumb-guest/Hello-from-the-Debian-side/raw/master/install.sh -s | bash

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