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GSoC report: Building archive against Clang

This the report for my GSoC project on building Debian Unstable packages
substituting gcc for the clang compiler with Open Build Service.

A detailed blog post can be found here: https://athoscr.me/blog/gsoc2018-7/

During the past few weeks (sorry for the lack of reports on them), I
have been struggling to trigger Debian unstable builds with the Debian
OBS packages available in stretch.

After a lot of investigation, we figured out we needed newer libsolv
instances due to an arbitrary limitation on the size of the debian
control file in older libsolv versions.

By solving that issue, we were able to:

- Trigger builds for Debian unstable with OBS
- Perform gcc/clang binaries substitution using the OBS Source Services
  feature by providing a custom obs-service-clang-build package
- Monitor the debian-devel-changes mailing list and trigger new builds
  whenever new uploads for unstable get approved

You can see our OBS instance up and running at

or go straight to https://irill8.siege.inria.fr/project/show/Debian:Unstable:Clang
to inspect our clang builds, as new package uploads get approved into

Athos Ribeiro


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