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Re: selecting Debian mentors for the mentor summit

On 08/08/18 10:50, Pranav Jain wrote:
> I agree to the point that we need to consider the past contributions
> to Debian. These contributions might not directly be technical but
> other sort too (volunteering for events, hosting mini Deb conf etc).
> I agree that quantifying these things is difficult. But, we need to
> have some parameters like bursary team do for DebConf.

If both candidates have to be people with strong Debian experience then
we end up with a situation where new people never get any momentum, so
maybe we could aim to have one person who is an established contributor
and one person who is from the wider community or a first time mentor.
Is that a position that other people tend to agree with, or are people
asking for both mentors to be strong contributors to Debian?

I've tried to capture some of the different opinions in a wiki page
here, in no particular order:


Can anybody add anything else?

Note that none of this is official policy of the admin team yet, I've
simply being raising these ideas to get a discussion going and have
transparency about the decision.  In the end, it would still be possible
to simply choose the people randomly as well or make a shortlist and
then choose randomly from the last 3 names.



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