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PGP Clean Room GSoC 2018 Week 10Progress Report

You can find the CHANGELOG I've been keeping on salsa.d.o:

What I did this week:
 - Release Beta 2 for public testing
	- https://tookmund.com/2018/07/pgp-clean-room-beta
 - Set keyboard layout and console font via setupcon
	- Console font should be set on boot but isn't for some reason
 - Split pgp-clean-room into three binary packages
 - Begin preparations for the package entering Debian proper
 - Split translation and logging into their own submodules
 - Nitrokey support
 - Keysigning en mass
	- Two utilities:
	- pgpcr-keysigning, to gather keys
	- pgpcr-sendkeys, to email keys
 - Attempted to support printing as a separate tarball of packages that
could be installed as needed but that was too complex.
	- Will likely give up on printing key backups for now

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