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GSock weekly report of Harshit Joshi for Week 9 and 10

I have added screencast of how the GUI works on my blog: http://blog.harshitjoshi.in/2018/07/invoicex-gui-google-summer-of-code.html

I had some problem related to UEFI and legacy boot option in my laptop (took 3 days to fix it completely), hence work done was limited in week 9
This is what I did in week 9:
Here is work done in week 10
InvoiceX-GUI: https://github.com/invoice-x/invoicex-gui
Factur-x: https://github.com/invoice-x/factur-x
Project Description: https://wiki.debian.org/SummerOfCode2018/Projects/ExtractingDataFromPDFInvoicesAndBillsDetails

Harshit Joshi
Freshman - B.Tech (Information Technology and Mathematical Innovations)
Cluster Innovation Centre
University of Delhi
Website: www.harshitjoshi.in

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