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GSoC weekly report of Harshit Joshi for week 8

Same has been updated on blog.harshitjoshi.in

My Project: Extracting Data From PDF Invoices And Bills Details [4]

This week I worked on the GUI, for invoice-x[1] (invoicex-gui)[2] and Factur-X[3]. The on Factur-X was related to searching, learning and knowing. Here is what I did in this time:

 - Squashed bugs in invoicex-gui which were OS dependent.
 -  Add support to export metadata in form of YAML in Factur-X
 -  Implemented, Standardization and validation for currencies, countries, etc. For this I read about ISO standards (ISO: 3166 for country codes and ISO: 4217 for currency codes)
 -  Then I have been studying UBL (Universal Business Language) Standards. This will be another standard Factur-X will be supporting in addition to factur-x and zugferd

Here is what I intend to do next week:

 -  Complete integration of UBL
 -  If possible make package for Factur-X for smoother integration with invoicex-gui

Manuel, my mentor for this project also hosted a website for Invoice-X at invoice-x.org

[1]: https://github.com/invoice-x/ 
[2]: https://github.com/invoice-x/factur-x
[3]: https://github.com/invoice-x/invoicex-gui/
[4]: https://wiki.debian.org/SummerOfCode2018/Projects/ExtractingDataFromPDFInvoicesAndBillsDetails

Harshit Joshi
Freshman - B.Tech (Information Technology and Mathematical Innovations)
Cluster Innovation Centre
University of Delhi
Website: harshitjoshi.in

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