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PGP Clean Room GSoC 2018 Week 7 Progress Report

You can find the CHANGELOG I've been keeping on salsa.d.o:

What I did this week:
- Generate Keys on Smartcard
- Move workdir to ~/.gnupg to avoid socket errors
- Use getty autologin for a proper login process
- Add support for canceling pickdisk operations
- Add back ECC for master keys and look into ECC for subkeys
	- Appears to be currently unsupported by GPGME
- Test translation interface and properly install translations
- Check if system has actually been loaded to RAM and inform the user if
it has been.
	- https://salsa.debian.org/tookmund-guest/pgpcr/issues/3
- Inform the user about what subkeys are being generated
	- https://salsa.debian.org/tookmund-guest/pgpcr/issues/5
- Import keys from other backups


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