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GSoC weekly report of Chikirou Massiwayne for week 6 and 7


The project I'm in charge of is the Kanban Board project [1][2].

For those weeks I :
  • added POST , PUT , DELETE methods to Redmine API model
  • added POST , PUT , DELETE methods to CalDAV model
  • discussed with my mentors about why PyQt was a problem for me (the fact that dragging from container to parent to drop on other container was a complicate task for it) then I began to found a solution for this based on QTableWidget, I'll try to code this next week
  • began to code POST and PUT method to Bugzilla and BTS model but need some clarification from my mentors to continue
For now I'm using ICalendar Object as model base but I begin to think that isn't useful for a multi-source app like this, I'll figure think more about it when I'll be done with those models and drag and drop things.

Chikirou Massiwayne


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