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GSoC weekly report of Minkush Jain for week 4

Hello everyone,

During this week, I did these tasks:

-- Made script to automate the 'new nickname registration on IRC' process for a user, using freenode server.
-- created a script to create new Github account for the user using Selenium.
-- made further changes to improve the merge request[1] for previous tasks.
-- Researched on finding the best solution for contact management for a user. Read about feasible options are Cardbook and SoGo Frontend Extensions for Thunderbird for contacts and Lightning extension for Calendar and scheduling.
-- Gone through CardDav/CalDav Protocols and DAVdroid app for understanding ways to implement them in our project.

[1] https://outreach-lab.debian.net/redmine/issues/18

Project: Wizard/GUI for students and new interns

Minkush Jain

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