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GSoC weekly report of Alexandre Viau for week 4 | autodeb


This is my weekly report for week 4.

== Autodeb master ==

Improved the code of the job queue to ensure that there are no race
conditions when assigning jobs. It is now way less likely to assign the
same jobs to two workers.

The master now generates a forward jobs if all other jobs have succeeded.

Added new API endpoints:
 - /api/uploads/<id>: retrieve details about an upload such as upload

 - /api/uploads/<id>/packages.changes: retrieve the .changes file of an
upload. This URL is compatible with dget.

Fixed an issue where a FileUpload object would not be created for the
.changes file because it takes a different code path.

Discovered and investigated an issue where uploads that refer to
pre-existing source tarballs are failing. Debian version increments
don't include new source tarballs so Autodeb needs to retrieve the
source from the archive. This isn't fixed yet but it probably will be in
the next few days. See the dak section below.

Improved error handling: all HTTP 5XX are now properly logged with

== Autodeb worker ==

- Implemented the new upload forward job

== dput-ng ==

I have sent patches[1][2][3] to dput-ng which were merged. dput-ng will
now print the body of HTTP errors.

This means that Autodeb users will be able to read Autodeb error
messages from the dput output.

For example:
130|aviau@cranberry:~/git/debian-pkg/build-area$ dput autodeb
Uploading golang-github-xlab-treeprint using http to autodeb (host:
localhost:8071; directory: /upload)
running allowed-distribution: check whether a local profile permits
uploads to the target distribution
running checksum: verify checksums before uploading
running suite-mismatch: check the target distribution for common errors
running gpg: check GnuPG signatures before the upload
Not checking GPG signature due to allow_unsigned_uploads being set.
Uploading golang-github-xlab-treeprint_0.0~git20180324.505f0ee-1.dsc
Uploading golang-github-xlab-treeprint_0.0~git20180324.505f0ee.orig.tar.xz
Uploading golang-github-xlab-treeprint-dev_0.0~git20180324.505f0ee-1_all.deb
HTTP error message: {"message":"only source uploads are accepted"}
HTTP Error 400: Bad Request

== dput ==

I have adapted my dput-ng patch and sent it to dput[4].

== dak ==

I have sent a patch[5] to dak so that the API at
https://api.ftp-master.debian.org/ can be used to efficiently find files
by sha256sum. This will be useful to retrieve files that are referred to
by .DSCs but are not present in the upload.

1. https://salsa.debian.org/debian/dput-ng/merge_requests/1
2. https://salsa.debian.org/debian/dput-ng/merge_requests/3
4. https://bugs.debian.org/900545
5. https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=901256


Alexandre Viau

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