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GSoC weekly report of Georgios Pipilis for week 1


We decided to shift our priorites a little bit, so we are approaching our
goals in a different order than the one in my proposal.

The first week focused on further understanding how the installation
process work, implementing HSTS, cleaning Mailpile and running some first
tests on the new feature.

In detail:
        - Installed OwnMailbox server on multiple VMs using both Vagrant and
Docker in order to monitor the installation process
        - Updated our proxy server to work with Debian stretch
        - Added HSTS support to our apache server
        - Added measures that force HTTP for parts of the installation that
need to access localhost and HTTPS for all other cases
        - Cleaned up our fork of Mailpile in order to prepare it for future
        - Tested and debugged the OwnMailbox installation after our latest
        - Documented everything

p.s. Apologies for the late update, I forgot to do this on Friday

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