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GSoC weekly report of Samuel Henrique for week 1 [portkalipackages]


TL;DR: Please check links [0] and [2]

I talked to my mentors and i'll be publishing the weekly reports on every Sunday, since i'll also work on my project during the weekends. I hope that's ok.

For my first week i started by manually checking all the dependencies needed for metasploit import, unfortunately we end up not choosing to work on that (i may try to do that outside of gsoc though) and then i started checking for all the packages from the kali-linux-full metapackage.

I did most of this work on a google spreadsheet[0]. Since i saw i was taking too much time by manually doing lots of simple checks, i decided to script all the checking so i could try to look for hard to spot problems.

The script is on salsa[1] and is a really bad script, this kind of complex problems should be solved using a programming language (not a scripting one), but it is what i'm most fast at, and after all, it gets the work done. It checks for a bunch of things that takes time to look and it outputs in a nice format, easy to parse and publish on the debian wiki[2].

I now hope to get feedback from the team with suggestion on how to improve the checking of these packages. The script outputs some useful info but it is hard for somebody else to run it yet because is not well documented, this shouldn't be too much of a problem because i should put all the useful info on the wiki page anyway.

I'll probably continue working on my google spreadsheet as it makes the job *much* easier by allowing me to dynamically hide rows and color them based on results of the checking. The wiki is already giving me problems by not formatting the table correctly because it is too wide.

I also started packaging changeme and continued working (but didn't spent too much time) on the wig package.

wig needs a manpage (i already committed the output of help2man, will finish that this week).
changeme has 2 dependencies that are not on debian, i'll continue working on these dependencies but the priority are the packages from kali-linux-full.

PS.: I ended up discovering a problem with the kali's xsser package, which depends upon debhelper >=9 and declared a compatibility level of 8. I'll report this to the Kali people.


Samuel Henrique <samueloph>

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