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Re: evaluating Kanban / scrum boards for mentoring

On 25/04/18 23:44, Shashank Kumar wrote:
> Hello,
> On Tuesday 24 April 2018 09:51 PM, Daniel Pocock wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> There are several Kanban / scrum boards that can potentially be used for
>> mentoring.  These are free software (Trello isn't) and they release all
>> their source code.
>> We have Redmine in Debian and there are various Kanban plugins available
>> for it, one of them has an online demo here:
>> http://demo.redminecrm.com/projects/agile/agile/board
>> and I created a repository here with step-by-step instructions to run it
>> with the Debian package:
>> https://github.com/dpocock/redmine_agile
>> The DebConf team is using Kanboard, it is also packaged in Debian.  It
>> was discussed in this earlier thread:
>> https://lists.debian.org/debian-outreach/2018/02/threads.html
>> https://kanboard.org/
>> Here is one demo I found for anybody to log in and try it:
>> https://www.softaculous.com/demos/Kanboard
>> We have Sandstorm running on https://storm.debian.net and there are two
>> Kanban apps available in Sandstorm.  To access them, you need to contact
>> Laura and Asheesh by email or IRC, see the notes here:
>> https://wiki.debian.org/Services/storm.debian.net
>> The two Kanban apps in Sandstorm are:
>> https://wekan.github.io/
>> http://scrumblr.ca/
>> During the last round of Outreachy, we tried Kanboard for Renata's
>> project.  One convenient feature is that we could create read-only links
>> to it from Renata's wiki so any other member of the community could
>> easily access it without an account, here is an example:
>> https://wiki.debian.org/RenataDAvila
> Both options, Sandstorm (with wekan or scrumblr) and Kanboard looks good
> to me. I have a question though, is it okay if we self host these
> services on our server. I have a linux server I use to host my personal
> website, blog, bots and other projects. It would be great If I can host
> Kanboard or Sandstorm for the project I'll be working on.

Self-hosting would be a question for each mentor to decide on for their
own projects.

Personally, I'd prefer that any student who wants to use Wekan/Sandstorm
uses the storm.debian.net service because that is supported for you.

I'm involved in organizing a booth at a conference in May and I decided
to try Wekan for sharing tasks with other volunteers.  It was very easy
to set up but I also noticed some limitations, for example, I couldn't
see how to make one task depend on another, maybe it can't do that.  The
redmine_agile solution does support dependencies though.  Export to
iCalendar (so you can have task reminder popups) also appears to be a
missing feature.

While I was playing with it, I wrote down a list of possible questions
for evaluating and comparing each tool, if anybody can suggest other
criteria it would be very welcome:

Does it support a markup language?

Does it support iCalendar integration for Mozilla Lightning or GNOME
Evolution reminder/alarm popups?

Does it support task dependencies?

Does it support assigning tasks to users and letting those users
see/focus on their own tasks?

Does it support task priorities?

How well do the email notifications work or are they annoying?

Does it support public read-only access?

Is it available as a Debian package?

How does it integrate with existing access control systems like LDAP or



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