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evaluating Kanban / scrum boards for mentoring

Hi everybody,

There are several Kanban / scrum boards that can potentially be used for
mentoring.  These are free software (Trello isn't) and they release all
their source code.

We have Redmine in Debian and there are various Kanban plugins available
for it, one of them has an online demo here:
and I created a repository here with step-by-step instructions to run it
with the Debian package:

The DebConf team is using Kanboard, it is also packaged in Debian.  It
was discussed in this earlier thread:
Here is one demo I found for anybody to log in and try it:

We have Sandstorm running on https://storm.debian.net and there are two
Kanban apps available in Sandstorm.  To access them, you need to contact
Laura and Asheesh by email or IRC, see the notes here:

The two Kanban apps in Sandstorm are:


During the last round of Outreachy, we tried Kanboard for Renata's
project.  One convenient feature is that we could create read-only links
to it from Renata's wiki so any other member of the community could
easily access it without an account, here is an example:

For the students I'm involved in mentoring, please start creating a wiki
page like that for yourself.  We will decide later if we use Kanboard or
one of the other tools.

If anybody could suggest any other alternatives or better demo sites for
the options I've listed above please do so.

Contributing to discussions like this counts as an activity for the
community bonding period.



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