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Re: Outreachy Round 15 Participation

Hi and welcome to the debian-outreach mailing list! Feel free to also
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On 09/09/2017 02:26 AM, Poonam Mishra wrote:
> Hi all
> I am Poonam Mishra, a third year undergraduate from BITS Pilani, India
> pursuing my Masters. I am in love with the concept of programming, and I
> love the fact that there's change everyday and there are so many
> brilliant things to learn.
> To keep this spirit alive, I have been a major contributor to my college
> technical fests, designing backend for games and other softwares, mostly
> using Django and Flask. I love Python, and have also done Penetration
> Testing with python libraries and Assembly.
> My technical skills involve web development with Django, Flask, Ruby on
> Rails, Security testing with Assembly and Python, and I have also done
> one internship in blockchain technology, making me familiar with peer to
> peer networking.
> I think my skillset would prove most useful if I work for the project
> for analyzing WebRTC (non-coding), and the new research I am doing for
> it is already making me learn so many new things. I hope I prove useful
> to this community and make lots of friends!
> Regards
> Poonam Mishra
> GitHub - https://github.com/mish24

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