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Outreachy Round 15 Participation

Hi all

I am Poonam Mishra, a third year undergraduate from BITS Pilani, India pursuing my Masters. I am in love with the concept of programming, and I love the fact that there's change everyday and there are so many brilliant things to learn.

To keep this spirit alive, I have been a major contributor to my college technical fests, designing backend for games and other softwares, mostly using Django and Flask. I love Python, and have also done Penetration Testing with python libraries and Assembly.

My technical skills involve web development with Django, Flask, Ruby on Rails, Security testing with Assembly and Python, and I have also done one internship in blockchain technology, making me familiar with peer to peer networking.

I think my skillset would prove most useful if I work for the project for analyzing WebRTC (non-coding), and the new research I am doing for it is already making me learn so many new things. I hope I prove useful to this community and make lots of friends!

Poonam Mishra
GitHub - https://github.com/mish24

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