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Re: Reminder : Outreachy Applicant

Hi Pragya,

Welcome to the Debian Outreach mailing list! I don't see tis projected
listed anymore on the projects page

I e-mailed the person previously listed as the mentor, to see if they're
no longer interested. I'll update you once I know.


On 09/16/2017 05:51 PM, Komal Choudhary wrote:
>     Hi ,
>     I am Pragya Choudhary , B TECH third year student at Indian
>     Institute of Technology, Roorkee.  Being member of Software
>     Development Section , IIT Roorkee I have worked on Android and Web
>     development projects(using React and Django framework) and
>     represented them as solution for firms like Microsoft etc.
>     I wopuld like to have more exposure to development,so i wish to
>     participate in Outreachy 2017-2018 round.
>      *My skill : C,++,Java, HTML, BOOTSTRAP, MySQL, Python, Android,
>     Django Rest Framework , React js.*
>     *
>     *
>     *My github profile : *https://github.com/pragyach
>     *Project interested in : Add a text editor for server configuration
>     files to Plinth. *
>     Hence, I would like to know : 'How to begin with',
>      'What are tasks that I need to focus on which can led me to be a
>     participant for Round 15?'
>     Regards
>     Pragya Choudhary
>     IIT Roorkee

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