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GSoC Week 7 and 8

On the last week I was in FISL, an international forum of software livre, and during this event I was not productive on GSoC, then I merge the report of week 7 and 8.

What was done

Test script performance with mirror packages
  - Use debian stable and unstable mirrors[1] to identify debian packages
  that are used on popcon cluster script

  [1] - ftp://ftp.br.debian.org/debian/dists/stable/

Create tasks and continue documentation about privacy security
  - Update AppRecommender privacy text on pad[2]

  [2] - https://pad.riseup.net/p/apprec-privacy

Rebase AppRecommender collaboration flag with branch master
  - The branch of collaboration strategy was updated with the official master
  branch of AppRecommender

Created an first strategy to makes relation between an installed package
with the user profile to makes the recommendation
  - This strategy use the content-based recommendation, generating more than
  100 recommendations, after this, every recommendation its compared with
  the referenced package, that can be an installed package, so these
  100 recommendations are reordered by proximity with the referenced package

Milestone: https://gitlab.com/AppRecommender/AppRecommender/milestones/12

To the next week

- Create privacy text to use popcon data
- Create another strategy for makes recommendation with a referenced package
- Refactor create_popcon_clusters script

Milestone: https://gitlab.com/AppRecommender/AppRecommender/milestones/13

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