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GSoC week 9 report

Hi all,

This week I have started working on my tasks which were mentioned in the previous report.And I have pushed some of my code for the week in the GitHub profile.


There were some issues created by mentor.

I have solved issue #27 and closed.
It was mentioned by mentor that "In order to pass the final evaluation, I will expect that both #26 and #27 are implemented, and that either #28, #29 or #30 are implemented."
So the coming weeks I will be solving the issues created.

Since this week I will be traveling back to my university (flight on July 28th and my local contact no. won't work hereafter) for starting my next academic year  on August 1st as I mentioned on my Debian wiki under other summer plans.So I won't be able to concentrate much on my project for this week since I will be occupied with registration for next academic year and hostel allotment.

I will try to complete my mission whenever I get time.


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