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[GSOC] Weekly Status Report #8 - Integrate AppRecommender with AppStream


In this past week I could not dedicate as much as I could for my Google Summer of Code project. I was attending a software congress in Brazil, named FISL and I was also preparing for my bachelor thesis presentation. Therefore, I have not concluded as many tasks as I have originally planned.

The only task that I was able to finish was to modify my merge request to AppStream, regarding what I have discussed with the AppStream maintainer on DebConf. Although there is still some discussion left on the topic, I strongly think that we are reaching a consensus on how AppStream will handle recommendations.

This MR and the discussion can be seen on the following link:


This week l will be back at my original schedule for GSOC, so I will be able to do more work. My focus will be mainly on fixing some bugs on the AppRecommender package, specially the one about some files that the package should not be installing. Therefore, I intend to:

- Make the package not install some development files on the system
- Do not install any more files on the user HOME directory
- Create a cronjob to keep updating AppRecommender database

I will also start producing some planet post about AppRecommender and my GSOC project as a whole. Furthermore, after finish this issues with the package, I will the community for help on evaluating the usefulness of the recommendations generated by AppRecommender. I will explain this better on both a planet post and my next weekly report.

Lucas Moura

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