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Re: GSoC 16 - Week 5 and Week 6 report

On 09/07/16 08:54, Balram Pariyarath wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have been travelling as part of my startup for the past 2 weeks and
> probably will be for another week too. So i couldn't do much of coding.

I'm replying to this for all students, not only Balram

Coding is a non-negotiable criteria for passing the final evaluation in
GSoC.  In other words: No code, no pass.

Furthermore, the final evaluation is slightly harder to pass than the
mid-summer evaluation, most students are expected to write more code
than in the first half of the program.  For the students I'm personally
evaluating, I typically expect to see some code committed several times
per week from now until the soft deadline (15 August) and I will
consider any code committed before the hard deadline (23 August).

Working on activities outside GSoC is not prohibited.  Working at a
startup or even creating your own startup can be completely compatible
with GSoC if the code produced there is 100% free and open source and
released to the community before the final deadline, subject to mentor
agreement.  This can be a win-win situation for everybody.

If anybody has some other commitment (work, family or anything else)
that won't allow you to publish code regularly now, it is actually a
good time to withdraw from GSoC.  Nobody is penalized for withdrawing
and you are still very welcome in the Debian community (most aspects of
Debian don't have deadlines like GSoC).  You can even apply again in
future years, it makes no difference.  It is actually much better to
withdraw now than to fail at the end though.  If you think this applies
to you, please discuss privately with your mentor and/or the admins,
don't reply on the list.



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