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GSoC 2016 Week 3 - Indexation and data Persistance over OpenDht


Here comes my third weekly report for the indexation and data persistance.
For the moment i'm still on the data persistance.

Before my code, we've got some problem on the DHT, if a node put a value on the DHT this node do not care about the data, he just put it here without tracking it or move it around.
That result into a none persistance of the data. Since the trie ( yes tries not tree ) grows the data should move around.
That what i've done this week,

Now when a node put a data on the PHT he keep track of it, if the trie grows he move the data down, and if it shrink then i move the data up.

There is some computation volve behind and was a solution found by the OpenDht team ( including me ).

But there is still some issue, for example if someone put the exact same data on the exact same PHT then the trie going to grow until the end of this data ( all bytes beeing developped into the PHT )

Now with've got a solution for that, that i will inplement this next week.

Anyway, see you next week.



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