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[GSoC 2016] Week Report 3 & 4

Project: Connection Manager for Resiprocate and Ring

Apologies for late Week 3 report. Earlier I had been rushing to offices and traveling  to fulfill my passport document requirements, so my work got delayed.

Week 3 :
In resiprocate
- Improved onhangup() function
- Completed the onParticipantTerminated() function.
​and submitted pull request [1]
[1] https://github.com/resiprocate/resiprocate/pull/48

Week 4​ :
- Discussing road-map for Ring CM or Telepathy-bell.
 I will be using d-bus calls to ring-daemon's D-bus API to easily provide   functionality of ring using connection manager.
- Practiced some QtDBus examples and documentation.
- Implementing Protocol object for Ring CM ​

​ Implemented main function for telepathy-bell service.
​ Started implementing ​
​connection object for Ring CM.
​ Planned details of new account creation feature for Ring CM.​

​ Revisited the parameters for Protocol object.​

​Plan for this week:
Complete Connection object.
Create a repo of working copy of Ring CM and push it to github.
Start implementing text or call channel.​
Start Implementng new account creation feature.

Alok Anand

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