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Re: GSoC Week 4 Report


Last week I had updated all the files inside resiprocate project, there were 32 files that needed to be updated. Also I had created a Pull Request: 32 files updated, 1 file created and configure.ac file updated for successful build in Travis-CI, For quick view of all the files that I have updated please visit.

During fourth week I have updated Errdes.hxx header file for printing the error message with the error number.
E.g. If error number is 22 then log error message will be,
“socket error EINVAL (Invalid argument) 22”
If error number is negative or unknown error occur then log message will be,
“socket error Unknown error errno” (e.g. “socket error Unknown error -48”)

I have also made documentation of the bug that I have solved. I have started working on next bug which I have to solve.

On 14 June 2016 at 12:28, Udit Raikwar <udit043.ur@gmail.com> wrote:
During third week I have updated all the files inside resiprocate project that contains numeric error codes, there were 32 files that needed to be updated, 32 files which I have updated are as follow:   
   -> resiprocate/resip/stack 
          - ConnectionManager.cxx
          - DateCategory.cxx
          - GenericPidfContents.cxx
          - InternalTransport.cxx
          - TcpBaseTransport.cxx
          - TcpConnection.cxx
          - TransportSelector.cxx
   -> resiprocate/resip/stack/test
          - dumpTls.cxx
          - Resolver.cxx
          - testSipStackInvite.cxx
          - Transceiver
   -> resiprocate/resip/stack/ssl
          - DtlsTransport.cxx
          - Security.cxx
          - TlsConnection.cxx
   -> resiprocate/resip/recon/MOHParkServer
          - HttpBase.cxx
   -> resiprocate/rutil
          - FileSystem.cxx 
          - DnsUtil.cxx   
          - ServerProcess.cxx 
          - Socket.cxx 
    -> resiprocate/tfm
          - Resolver.cxx
          - TestRtp.cxx  
    -> resiprocate/repro
          - HttpBase.cxx
          - HttpConnection.cxx 
          - RegSyncClient.cxx 
          - XmlRpcConnection.cxx
          - XmlRpcServerBase.cxx
    -> resiprocate/apps/clicktocall
          - HttpBase.cxx 
          - HttpConnection.cxx
          - XmlRpcConnection.cxx
          - XmlRpcServerBase.cxx 
    -> resiprocate/apps/ichat-gw  
          - MediaRelay.cxx 

One new header file created in directory:
    -> resiprocate/rutil
          - Errdes.hxx

 - Created Pull Request:
 32 files updated, 1 file created and configure.ac file updated for successful build in Travis-Ci.

On 7 June 2016 at 00:56, Udit Raikwar <udit043.ur@gmail.com> wrote:
I have done following things in past two weeks : 

Week 1:
- Successfully installed and configured resiprocate.
- Read codes and discuss with mentor about the format of logging message.
- Define new functions for converting error codes into string.
- (eg socket error 22” into socket error EINVAL (Invalid argument)”)
- Create header file 'Errdes.hxx' and cxx file 'Errdes.cxx' for performing this task.
- Successfully test it on TlsConnection.cxx file

Week 2:
- Update header file with new functions.
- Update files inside 
   -> Resip/Stack
          - ConnectionManager.cxx
          - DateCategory.cxx
          - GenericPidfContents.cxx
          - InternalTransport.cxx
          - TcpBaseTransport.cxx
          - TcpConnection.cxx
          - TransportSelector.cxx
   -> Resip/Stack/Test
          - dumpTls.cxx
          - Resolver.cxx
          - testSipStackInvite.cxx
          - Transceiver
   -> Resip/Stack/SSL
          - DtlsTransport.cxx
          - Security.cxx
          - TlsConnection.cxx
   -> Resip/Stack/Recon
          - HttpBase.cxx
 - Created Pull Request
In the next week i will update all other files inside resiprocate project and commit it to the repository and update the pull request.
Udit Raikwar,
Jabalpur Engineering College.

Udit Raikwar,
Jabalpur Engineering College.

Udit Raikwar,
Jabalpur Engineering College.

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