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Weekly Status Report #3 - Integrate AppRecommender with AppStream

In my third week,  I have properly update the tag names of the recommendation XML file on AppStream and also created a method to validate a recommendation object.

A valid recommendation object is the one which the package being recommended is actually indexed by AppStream.

I have also studied how to integrate this new AppStream feature into some graphical package managers, such as KDE discover and Apper. On discover, I have found that it uses the AppStreamQt API to access AppStream components. On the other hand, Apper directly uses the C API for this task. Therefore, speaking with my mentors, we have decided to start the integration with Apper.

However, Apper is currently not found on Debian stretch, only via debports. I will contact the package maintainer to see what is the problem with the package and see if I can help with that.

Also, I have completed the AppRecommender package, although some build erros were already reported to me by my mentor, which I will fix this week.

For the next week, I plan to:

* Set Apper development environment

* Create AppStream appstreamcli function to display recommendation data

* Fix AppRecommender package bugs

Lucas Moura

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