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[GSoC] Jitsi - Week 3


I spent the first 2 days of week 3 looking into the password prompt bug. I did not have any luck trying to reproduce it. Daniel has sent more information about the bug. I decided with my mentor to start focusing on ICE instead until I have more time.

I've spent the rest of the week with lib4j and the ICE rfc page.

I am having trouble with time. I still have to go to school and the group project is taking a lot of time. Most of the evenings I planned to work on GSOC I have had to use instead to work on my project. I know there is a deadline in 2 weeks for the mid-term evaluation, and that I do not have anything to show to be able to pass it. It's very annoying that this mid term evaluation is before my vacation ( and almost the summer) even starts. I hope that I can at least show something the coming 2 weeks.


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