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Re: GSoC 2016 week #2 Improving voice, video and chat communication with free software

On 07/06/16 08:25, Mesut Can Gürle wrote:
> Hi,
> GSoC 2016 week #2 status update for  'Improving voice, video and chat
> communication with free software'.
> We keep in touch with my mentor(Mr Bruno Magalhães) everyday. We are
> trying to progress on tasks quickly. I am a little bit late because of
> my exams.
> - WPCall front end is working properly and I could make a test call.

Mesut, thanks for your progress on this

Do you have a blog and could you post a screenshot there when you
complete each plugin?

> - I have mostly dealed with front end problems this week. Mostly js, css
> problems.
> - WPCall administration page is about to complete.
> - This week we are going to move the next task.
> https://github.com/mesutcang/wpcall
> -- 
> İyi çalışmalar,
> Mesut Can Gürle

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