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[GSoc] [Debsources] Week 2 Student Report

Hey all,

Second report incoming for my work on debsources! Sorry for lateness :)
This email is available in html form over on http://devoxel.net

The Project

The project title is "Improving Accessibility and front-end of
Debsources" You'll find the Google Summer of Code information
[on their site][1]. For a more detailed project summary see the 
[Debian Wiki Page][2].

With advice from larjona we are moving over to WeKan board, though
the Trello is still where we are currently working.

Also the development version of debsources, http://sourcesdev.debian.net, is
not hosting my work in progress version.

Week 1 Report

### Tasks Complete

- Fixed and integrated Bootstrap based Navbar

- Updated homepage responsive content

Though these are listed in "Tasks Complete" they aren't merged yet, as other
areas of the site are not yet responsive.

[Related PR](https://github.com/Debian/debsources/pull/62)

### Tasks in Progress

- Add CSS framework to other areas of the site

  All contained in related PR above.

- Make final choice on client rendering library

  Not a huge amount of research went into this, but again the only options I can
  see are AngularJS or ember.js, unless we decide to use something that isn't
  packaged by Debian.

### Issues

Again I felt I wasn't very productive this week, though I did get some good work
done. I've been communicating with mentors on how to fix this and I'm going to
try working away from my room. Any suggestions on how to work from home are 
greatly appreciated.

Final Words

Thanks for reading, hopefully I get back on schedule soon.

Feedback is greatly appreciated on all aspects of this report as well 
as feedback regarding issues or tasks. :)



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