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[Soc-coordination] Weekly 2 - Status Report

On this week I was make the following issues:

  - Fix repository scripts: This repository contains the scripts to helper the work with AppRecommender and the popularity-contest data, one of these scripts, its the script to generate clusters of popularity-contest data. link to repository: https://gitlab.com/TCC-AppRecommender/scripts

  - Change save popcon clusters method: Before the data generated by the script was saved with python-pickle, now this data is saved with text on files, to be used with any language

  - Update AppRecommender load popcon clusters: The AppRecommender was updated to read the files without pickle, but with text on files, with this the tests have also been updated.

  - Optimize memory consumption on collect popcon data: Before the script was consuming more than 7% of the memory for read 1300 submissions. Now the script is consuming better than 1.4% of the memory for read 1300 submissions. The memory of my PC is 8GB

Link for the issues of week 2:  https://gitlab.com/AppRecommender/AppRecommender/milestones/2

For the next week the focus is continue improving the memory consumption, and if possible improve the time for read the popularity-contest submissions and research about the security of users data

Link for the issues of the week 3: https://gitlab.com/AppRecommender/AppRecommender/milestones/5

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