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[GSoC] Jitsi - Week 1 and 2

Hello all,

I've not been able to do work on my project the previous 2 weeks due to exams. I've been in contact with Ingo and Boris and have done some initial reading about ICE. I was also able to make some small code changes in Jitsi to get familiar. Now that my exams are done, I can start to work on GSoC. I've made the following time schedule for the coming three weeks (in CET):

Weekdays: work from 18:00 till 22:00
Weekends: work from 10:00 till 16:00

This will mean that I can put around 32 hours per week into the project. This is less than the expected 40 hours, but it seems reasonable to me because I still need to work on a group project for university the coming 3 weeks. After that project is done summer vacation will start and I will be able to work 40 hours each week or more if necessary.



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