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GSoC and DebConf coordination


As in previous years, the DebConf registration process and application of GSoC students are not well synchronised (for timing and organisational reasons).

But this should not keep off ourself on improving the link between the two projects.

My proposal:

I would encourage GSoC student and mentors to attend to DebConf (and eventually DebCamp for a onsite mentorship). So prospective students are encouraged to register *now* to DebConf and applying for sponsorship (just writing “GSoC” on note field), so to have a better estimate of rooms and food.

Outreach and GSoC will later approve sponsorship requests, according the Debian GSoC timeline.

DebConf bursaries team on site (with support of SPI and other TOs) will handle reimbursement forms and money.

Fund accounting is done at SPI (and TOs) level to the right program.

Is it a good proposal to you?  (you = debconf-team, bursaries, delian-outreach)

Note: It would be good to have also an estimate of number of other (non-registered) outreach and diversity attendees, also for better organising with the venue, but I think outreach alone should contact DPL for the relevant funds, and selecting participants.


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