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Introduction from a GSoC 2016 student applicant

Dear all,

I am applying with Debian for this year's Google Summer of Code so I
thought it would be nice to introduce myself here. I've been in touch
with the mentor and co-mentor of the project I'm applying for though.
It's the Support for KLEE in Debile project idea:


My name is Marko and I'm a computer science PhD student at the
University of Utah, USA (the UTC-6 timezone), planning to graduate in
about a year.

At the university I do research in software verification and symbolic
execution in particular. I also did research in software verification at
NASA during an internship. If you are interested in my research
publications, talks, panels, and workshops held, they are linked from
the proposal at the link above. Links to various public profiles are
also there.

I'm fluent in C (15 years), Java (4 years), and Python (3 years), but I
speak Bash (4 years) and C++ (15 years) too. I also have some sys admin
skills: I host my own mail, web, and cloud services on top of the Debian
OS, but I've also been working on creating Debian packages for a couple
of software verification tools:


Along these lines, recently I've joined the Debian Science Team.

Lately I've been setting up and I've started contributing to Debian's
Debile, where I want to integrate a tool from my research area: KLEE.

I've been interested in free software for 10 years in its various
aspects (I write about those on my website): coding, history, social and
political, economical, and cultural. That's why I find conferences like
CCC very rewarding to attend. As I'm hoping to become a Debian Developer
one day, hopefully I will make it to DeConf eventually too. I'm a
founder and was the first president of the Free Software Croatia
non-profit (website in Croatian):


I have two successfull GSoCs behind me and hopefully this will be
another one!

Kind regards,
Marko Dimjašević <marko@cs.utah.edu> .   University of Utah
https://dimjasevic.net/marko         . PGP key ID: 1503F0AA
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