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Re: GSoC and DebConf coordination

Hi Cate,

* cate@debian.org <cate@debian.org> [2016-03-24 11:52:56 +0100]:

> Hello,
> As in previous years, the DebConf registration process and application of
> GSoC students are not well synchronised (for timing and organisational
> reasons).
> But this should not keep off ourself on improving the link between the two projects.


> My proposal:
> I would encourage GSoC student and mentors to attend to DebConf (and
> eventually DebCamp for a onsite mentorship). So prospective students are
> encouraged to register *now* to DebConf and applying for sponsorship (just
> writing “GSoC” on note field), so to have a better estimate of rooms and
> food.
> Outreach and GSoC will later approve sponsorship requests, according the
> Debian GSoC timeline.

And of course, considering which interns have been selected, and the amount of
funds received from Google.

> DebConf bursaries team on site (with support of SPI and other TOs) will
> handle reimbursement forms and money.
> Fund accounting is done at SPI (and TOs) level to the right program.
> Is it a good proposal to you?  (you = debconf-team, bursaries, delian-outreach)

Thanks for bringing this up. With my Outreach hat on, this sounds like a great plan.

> Note: It would be good to have also an estimate of number of other
> (non-registered) outreach and diversity attendees, also for better organising
> with the venue, but I think outreach alone should contact DPL for the
> relevant funds, and selecting participants.

Yeah, that sounds right.

Nicolas Dandrimont

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