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OCI live image build bug report

Hello everyone, i seem to have come across a bug with openstack-oci installer, it seems that when you try to make a live image with openstack-cluster-installer-build-live-image --pxe-server-ip --debian-mirror-addr http://deb.debian.org/debian --debian-security-mirror-addr http://security.debian.org/ it fails with E: Unable to locate package perccli E: An unexpected failure occurred, exiting... ive check around and found there was and implementation of support for perccli but that package does not seem to exist anywhere. Is there a way to workaround the bug and avoid triggering it, additionally i wish to submit this as an official bug report. I have tried this out on wallaby and victoria distributions and both seem to have it.

Some additional information:
This is being setup as a test build of a multinode cluster on Debian 10 (Bullseye) Virtual Machines. as i am aware this is primarly used for baremetal just wish to confirm if that might be causing the problem.


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