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Re: OCI live image build bug report

On 7/29/21 2:46 PM, Aleksandar Gavric wrote:
> Hello everyone, i seem to have come across a bug with openstack-oci
> installer, it seems that when you try to make a live image with
> openstack-cluster-installer-build-live-image --pxe-server-ip
> --debian-mirror-addr http://deb.debian.org/debian
> --debian-security-mirror-addr http://security.debian.org/ it fails with
> E: Unable to locate package perccli E: An unexpected failure occurred,
> exiting... ive check around and found there was and implementation of
> support for perccli but that package does not seem to exist anywhere. Is
> there a way to workaround the bug and avoid triggering it, additionally
> i wish to submit this as an official bug report. I have tried this out
> on wallaby and victoria distributions and both seem to have it.
>> Some additional information:
>> This is being setup as a test build of a multinode cluster on Debian
>> 10 (Bullseye) Virtual Machines. as i am aware this is primarly used
>> for baremetal just wish to confirm if that might be causing the problem.


Thanks for getting in touch.

Perccli is used when you have Dell machines. Unfortunately, this is
proprietary software, and we cannot redistribute it.

I've checked the openstack-cluster-installer-build-live-image and
indeed, it had:


instead of

if [ "${LIVE_IMAGE_INSTALL_PERCCLI}" = "yes" ] ; then

We were not affected because we do use and install perccli. This is now
fixed, and you should be good to go. Please reinstall your OCI server,
and it should be ok.

Now, if you want some help over IRC, my nick there is zigo, just address
your messages to me and I'll reply quickly. Also please make sure you
just stay for long enough to receive an answer.

Also Bullseye is Debian 11, not 10. :)
Last, we maintain a single branch of OCI for all OpenStack versions,
though currently the most tested version is Victoria.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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