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Bug#632193: Duplicates waste space

On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 06:38:14PM +0400, jaakov@ro.ru wrote:
> >Wow. 42M. How much... Given broadband these days this is not an
> issue...
> You are not thinking of (even brand-new ones) mobile systems with
> low disk space. There, it poses a definite problem: you just can't
> swap a disk for a larger one!

But you can rm -rf /usr/share/doc :) You can build custom, stripped
down packages (as done for udebs for the Debian installer).

And no, you can buy a bigger SD card. Please don't tell me "internal
memory", I don't think trying to put everything into internal memory
is a good idea.

> 33 times. It is a sign of a quick-and-dirty design. Abstractly

I didn't do it, but I think The design is "every package has a
self-contained copy of the changelog".
Which is good. When you have version mismatches you always have the
changelog of the right package there.

Needing a strict depends on the same versions of all packages
is more bad design. Same is package inflation like Ubuntu does
to overcome this "bug".

> this one. You might wish to forward this report to architects that
> are thinking of better design decision for the future.

I'm not going to do that.



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