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Bug#632193: Duplicates waste space

Wow. 42M. How much... Given broadband these days this is not an
You are not thinking of (even brand-new ones) mobile systems with low disk space. There, it poses a definite problem: you just can't swap a disk for a larger one!

Just notice that a huge chunk of information is duplicated at least 33 times. It is a sign of a quick-and-dirty design. Abstractly speaking, a huge piece of information should be best stored only once where it is most appropriate. It may be referenced, however, from many places.

As someone who is not that deep into Debian, I won't accept, reject or otherwise comment on your writings. The duplicates problem is a general one, which just manifests itself in a way which is best seen in openoffice.org. Actually, there are more duplicates like this all over the system, so the total volume of wasted space significantly exceeds 42 Mb. I wish Debian could do better.

Probably you can't improve the design now. Although I do acknowledge Debian's role on servers and am contributing to bug hunting there, I'm on the point of saying "no Debian on mobile", at least not on this one. You might wish to forward this report to architects that are thinking of better design decision for the future.

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