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Re: broffice.org should have a versioned dependency on openoffice.org?


Nelson A. de Oliveira wrote:
> A friend of mine was upgrading OpenOffice from 2.4.1-11 to
> experimental's 3.0.0-3, and was getting a broken setup (still getting
> the old 2.4 version when running it and a lot of crashs). Taking a

I can't yet explain myself how having some branding at BrO while other
is at OOo does cause crashes.. Because that's all broffice.org does, divert
the branding away. Will have a look.

> Shouldn't it have a versioned dependency on openoffice.org? (while I

Maybe, though I currently don't see why.

> understand that this problem won't affect people that do a full upgrade
> from a stable release to another stable one).

Or from stable to unstable with proper, full apt-get/aptitude. People
using experimental should know what they do. OTOH, it would also
affect a lenny-backport...


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