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broffice.org should have a versioned dependency on openoffice.org?

(CC me, please)


A friend of mine was upgrading OpenOffice from 2.4.1-11 to
experimental's 3.0.0-3, and was getting a broken setup (still getting
the old 2.4 version when running it and a lot of crashs). Taking a
closer look, we saw that everything was updated to version 3.0.0-3,
except the broffice.org package (that was still at 2.4.1-11).
Updating broffice.org fixed the problem.

Shouldn't it have a versioned dependency on openoffice.org? (while I
understand that this problem won't affect people that do a full upgrade
from a stable release to another stable one).

Thank you!

Best regards,

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