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Bug#393214: Can't open a file if it has an accented character like Hí.doc.

Rene Engelhard wrote:

annonygmouse wrote:

Changing my LANG to
LANG=C oowriter /home/jo/Hí.doc
works! But shows the filename mangled, something like HA~-.doc

When running from console oowriter says:
I18N: X Window System doesn't support locale "ca_ES.UTF-8"


Necause you use the 32-bit version when there's a 64-bit version in sid?

I have just installed openoffice.org 2.0.4 on my amd64 and it works
perfectly (so far ;).
And the message doesn't appear... no idea what was up and I don't care :O

This bug can be closed.

THANKS A LOT Rene (et al).
G R E A T  W O R K ! ! !

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