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Bug#393214: Can't open a file if it has an accented character like Hí.doc.

Package: openoffice.org
Version: 2.0.4~rc3-1

Title says it all.
When oppening a file with an accent openoffice starts loading
but it stops showing a message: "/home/jo/Hí.doc does not exist".

My environment:

jo@portatildebian64:~$ env|grep LANG

Changing my LANG to
LANG=C oowriter /home/jo/Hí.doc
works! But shows the filename mangled, something like HA~-.doc

Any idea what's up?

I'm not sure since when does this happen, I've noticed after upgrading to 2.04~rc3-1.

Note: I'm running openoffice in a 32 chroot environment because I'm using Debian SID 64bits.

Any hint?

Kind regards
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