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Bug#393214: Can't open a file if it has an accented character like Hí.doc.

Rene Engelhard wrote:

annonygmouse wrote:

Title says it all.
When oppening a file with an accent openoffice starts loading
but it stops showing a message: "/home/jo/Hí.doc does not exist".

How is the file encoded?

The file is created using: touch Hí.doc, so it's an empty file.
I've detected the problem opening a file from WWW, but I can't remember the URL.

Changing my LANG to
LANG=C oowriter /home/jo/Hí.doc
works! But shows the filename mangled, something like HA~-.doc

When running from console oowriter says:
I18N: X Window System doesn't support locale "ca_ES.UTF-8"
I thought it was just a warning, but coud this be blamed?


Which file picker? Native or GNOME one?

I'm using KDE, I wasn't using the file picker from openoffice, I
was running: oowriter /home/jo/Hí.doc from command line.
Anyway, I've tried to open the file from _inside_ openoffice with
same result (Native file picker).

Note: I'm running openoffice in a 32 chroot environment because I'm using Debian SID 64bits.

Update: the 32bits chroot environment can't be blamed, I've got mplayer there also and I can view videos like: entrénamiento.wmv...

You are not up-to-date...

I did a: aptitude update && aptitude dist-upgrade this morning...
Wy do you say I'm not up-to-date?
ortatildebian64:/# dpkg -l|grep openoffice.org
ii openoffice.org 2.0.4~rc3-1 OpenOffice.org Office suite version 2.0 ii openoffice.org-base 2.0.4~rc3-1 OpenOffice.org office suite - database ii openoffice.org-calc 2.0.4~rc3-1 OpenOffice.org office suite - spreadsheet ii openoffice.org-common 2.0.4~rc3-1 OpenOffice.org office suite architecture independent files ii openoffice.org-core 2.0.4~rc3-1 OpenOffice.org office suite architecture dependent files ii openoffice.org-draw 2.0.4~rc3-1 OpenOffice.org office suite - drawing ii openoffice.org-help-es 2.0.4~rc3-1 Spanish help for OpenOffice.org ii openoffice.org-impress 2.0.4~rc3-1 OpenOffice.org office suite - presentation ii openoffice.org-java-common 2.0.4~rc3-1 OpenOffice.org office suite Java support arch. independent ii openoffice.org-l10n-ca 2.0.4~rc3-1 Catalan language package for OpenOffice.org ii openoffice.org-l10n-es 2.0.4~rc3-1 Spanish language package for OpenOffice.org ii openoffice.org-math 2.0.4~rc3-1 OpenOffice.org office suite - equation editor ii openoffice.org-writer 2.0.4~rc3-1 OpenOffice.org office suite - word processor

AFAIK openoffice 2.0.4 has not yet arrived to Debian, has it?

(Besides the fact that a Debian SID doesn't even exist)

I kind of disagree

Maybe it doesn't _exist_ in a sense that it _allways_ changes, but
_exists_ nontheless :).

Kind regards
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