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Bug#392579: Processed: Also seen here

Rene Engelhard wrote:
> [snip]
>> Since upgrading yesterday night, this seems to be a bit more stable than
>> it used to be (when dealing with images). It does crash suddenly for a
>> reason I can't fathom, though
> So you used some old etch? Bad you. Keep your systems up-to-date. 
"old etch" being two or three days old :-O
I normally track unstable, except when something breaks and I don't have
the time to investigate the solution.

At this time of the year, I depend on OOo to get my work done :-|
> That means updating it *daily*. At least when doing bug stuff.
I normally do that... had to downgrade to the version in Etch when OOo
2.0.4~rc3 would not even start. I then re-upgraded to Sid some days later.

OOo 2.0.4~rc3 has since migrated to testing, and so I assumed it should
be safe to come back to Sid.
Not seeing any proposed solution, I decided to try and help with this.
> Anyway. I am suspecting those random things are a byproduct of "fixing" the
> build to use -O2 instead of -Os. I'll build a package using -Os again
> for you to test...
Being also a maintainer, I do have my own chroots, so I could build it
here instead.
However, if it does work for you (and likely for many other people),
we'd better investigate what happens here to try and avoid it in future

If -O2 indeed is the reason for it to fail, then it's gcc-4.1 which is
to be blamed. I have seem some odd behaviour with it as of lately, but
it seems to be fixed (at least) in Sid right now.
>> Otherwise, we'll just consider it a by-product of some library
>> transition :-O
>> (that's the joy of running Sid.... ;) though it also happened to me when
> Well, it doesn't happen neither on etch or sid to me; although it might
> be that some lib changed and that lib didn't yet propagate to testing
> (In which case that lib is still broken, but...)
Update: Seems to be working here right now (after the last upgrade).
I did upgrade last night, and I have just upgraded again.

Will keep you posted if the problem persists.


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