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Bug#392579: Processed: Also seen here

tag 392579 + moreinfo

> Of course, this is unrelated with the fact that the oowriter script
> complains about dirname being called improperly.
> -----------
> $ LOCALE=C oowriter
> dirname: missing operand
> Try `dirname --help' for more information.
> -----------

This should be fixed in the next upload, unless you have a weird mozilla
But yes, it seems to be unrelated.

> Since upgrading yesterday night, this seems to be a bit more stable than
> it used to be (when dealing with images). It does crash suddenly for a
> reason I can't fathom, though

So you used some old etch? Bad you. Keep your systems up-to-date. That
means updating it *daily*. At least when doing bug stuff. Anyway.
I am suspecting those random things are a byproduct of "fixing" the
build to use -O2 instead of -Os. I'll build a package using -Os again
for you to test...

> Otherwise, we'll just consider it a by-product of some library
> transition :-O
> (that's the joy of running Sid.... ;) though it also happened to me when

Well, it doesn't happen neither on etch or sid to me; although it might
be that some lib changed and that lib didn't yet propagate to testing
(In which case that lib is still broken, but...)


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