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Re: Bug#330186: openoffice.org2: GTK/KDE file dialogs disabled by default


Jean Pierre Rupp wrote:
> El mar, 27-09-2005 a las 18:31 +0200, Rene Engelhard escribió:
> > And I am *not* talking about gnome-vfs. I am talking about OOos native
> > ftp and webdav support. And did you even try it? It does *not* work. Try
> > opening such a URL. (i.e. ftp://ftp.stardiv.de)
> Works perfectly fine. CTRL-L > ftp://ftp.stardiv.de/ and all files and
> folders on the server appear in the file picker window.

Didn't here. I actually did try...

"error accessing ''file:///home/rene/ftp%3A%2F%2Fftp.stardiv.de': URI

URI ungültig == URI invalid.

Works fine with the OOo File Picker.

> > or they use the normal dialogs.
> With normal you probably mean application-specific.

Yes, the "normal" OpenOffice.org ones

> > I don't see the problem in enabling the Native File Picker if you want;
> > especially since that is upstream behaviour, too.

Hmm. There I must have some remembering mistake. Upstreams default
apparently is to enable it..

> Desktop integration is good in a GNU/Linux environment if we are to
> appreciate usability. End users do. That's why Windows has been so
> successful at it. Ubuntu and Fedora do include the GNOME/KDE file
> pickers as default. Mozilla Firefox in it's Deer Park version is using

This sounds wrong. Ubuntu has the same patchset like us (in fact, they base
on our packages) and default-system-fpicker.diff is enabled for both.
I don't see how that should differ, then (And I talked with the Ubuntu
person doing OOo2 and he confirmed that). Mandriva FWIW doesn't enable it per
default either.

I don't see a patch for Fedora so I guess Fedora has it enabled...


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