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Re: Java and OpenOffice.org

Anders Breindahl wrote:
Hello list. I follow up on this discussion, now as the article's been released. Here it may be found:

I think this article is very well-written. I also am satisfied with your quoting of me. However, the comments on NewsForge raises a question in my head: How effective is Java components?

The comments from the readers vary between "the days of slow Java are over" to "bloated, huge memory footstamp, buggy". I am no technical expert yet, but I do realise the threat of OOo dependencies on Java. Therefore, I have come to the point where I ask the ones who know the technical details. I believe that would be the guys who hang around debian-openoffice.

I ask you kindly to estimate the effectiveness of the Java parts of the OOo code. Are they written well, do you imagine that the use of Java has eased the development of code, and how does the general result end up performing? Do you furthermore believe that -- from a technical point of view -- that Java should be used in OOo, or would/will it bloat the user's system too much?
Would any problems be helped off using GCJ rather than Sun's own environment?

First, my apologies for not mentioning the release of the article. The article was Slashdotted, and picked up in several other places, and in the flood of replies, I forgot to mention it to this list. All I can say is that my intentions were good.

Second, if anyone takes on this request, I would be interested in hearing the results. I'm already planning a couple of followup articles, and, done throughly, this might be another one.


Bruce Byfield 604-421-7177

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