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Re: Java and OpenOffice.org

Hi Rene and others,

I truly concur. I find it increasingly worrying that Sun to some extent 
considers Java to be okay for a Free office-suite. I also spot the commercial 
interest that Sun might have, and I think that this makes OOo less optimal 
for the Free Software community --  including Debian, whose packaging policy 
demands the software to be Free.
I feel, that OOo should not compromise on their being Free, no matter what 
their sponsors are.
Sun, on the other hand, should release their JVM to the public under Free 
Software-acceptable terms. Under a GPL-compatible license, that is.

Why not become a member of the Free Software world, instead of just embracing 
it? It worked for Netscape, wo why not Sun?

I wouldn't want this to be an official statement -- just an opinion from one 
of the users.
Regards, Anders Breindahl.

P. S.: Bruce, would you post a link to me, when you're done with your article?

On Saturday 05 March 2005 12:39, Rene Engelhard wrote:
> That's what we want to do in future when it is possible; gcj-4.0
> (in experimental currently) can build many parts of OpenOffice.org after
> some patches for gcj support were made. (No idea about interpreting with
> gij, though)
> However, that would mean we'll get a dependency on the experimental
> libgcc1 so the package won't be installable (and not buildable anywayn
> since we need gcj-4.0) in plain unstable.
> Not fine. Well... For a upload to experimental we probably could try but
> it's really suboptimal.

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