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Bug#284487: Disabling KDE/Gnome Filechooser is a drawback


Sebastian Schaffert wrote:
> Works well for me with KDE filechooser (file entitled
> "Veröffentlichungen.doc", UTF-8). I didn't try the Gnome-Chooser, though.

The filename is UTF-8? Good. This is *not* the problem. The Problem is
files *not* UTF-8. I.e. files created before or files somewhere else

> >Additionally, the Gtk fpicker is broken in many ways
> >(no way to enter a path (well, there's some unintuitive strg-whatever 
> >combination), ftp:// and webdav:// iirc didn't work (OOo can open files 
> >over FTP or WebDAV and it was no problem to open it with the 
> >OpenOffice.org filepicker)
> >
> >So I disabled it per default.
> > 
> >
> Since the KDE filechooser appears to not share the same problems, it
> would perhaps be good to enable it for KDE and disable it for Gnome. On

see above.

> the other hand, Gnome-users are apparently used to their file-chooser
> not supporting UTF-8 names ...

You haven't understood the issue.

> How do I enable the file chooser, circumventing the default? I didn't
> find it in the docs. It just says that I can "enforce" a certain
> desktop, but this only influences look'n'feel but not the file choosers.

There's an option in the Options:

Tools -> Options -> General. Uncheck [x] Use OpenOffice.org dialogs


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