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Bug#288683: openoffice not offered for handling .doc files in evolution

Package: openoffice.org
Version: 1.1.2dfsg1-3

Debian sarge/i386.

When reading emails in evolution, any attached Microsoft Word .doc files
can not be opened because evolution can't find any programs that claim
to open them. It took me a long time to figure out that this is because
the mime type in the emails for the .doc files is "application/msword",
but this type isn't included in the ooo645writer.desktop file's MimeType


I realise that "application/msword" isn't an official mime type, and
that "application/vnd.ms-word" is technically the correct one, but
the former is in widespread use, especially in email, and other
gnu/linux packages (for example libmagic1 uses it in
/usr/share/misc/file/magic.mime, and shared-mime-info uses it as an
alias in /usr/share/mime/application/vnd.ms-word.xml).

Could you please add "application/msword" as a supported mime type in
the .desktop entry, so that users can open these files.

Thank you,
John McPherson

Other relevant packages:

ii	evolution		2.0.3-1.1
ii      libgnomeui-0    	2.8.0-3
ii      libgnomeui-common       2.8.0-3
ii      libgnomevfs2-0  	2.8.3-6
ii      libgnomevfs2-common     2.8.3-6

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