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Re: Bug#237974: Patch for creating a myspell-nl package

On Fri, Dec 17, 2004 at 04:22:09PM +0100, Agustin Martin wrote:
> The D flag has comma terminated strings like
>     D D E N > -DEN,       # redden > red
> For all cases I tested, everytime something was removed something was
> added, like
>      A A D > -AAD, ADEN  # gewaad > gewaden
> and this problem did not show up. I will take a look at the script and see
> what can I do.

Seems I have a fix candidate, I have put a fixed ispellaff2myspell at


with md5sum

2d70236d4e18529a5eb565e07c775d72  ispellaff2myspell

Can you please check that it is working as expected?



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